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Hi kids! I'm Mittens the Minke Whale! Follow my blog each month to learn about the coolest animals under the sea! For more fun ocean activities, visit!

Why Minke Whales are the Coolest Animals Ever !

August 2023


Minke Whales are clearly the coolest animals ever. After all, I am a Minke Whale!

Minke Whales can be found in all oceans. Minke Whales in the North Atlantic Ocean have white 'armbands' on their flippers called Minke Mittens. Can you guess how I got my name?

We have been given the nickname “Stinky Minke” because of our breath - which they say smells like dead fish (I think it smells lovely).

We can be VERY loud! Minke Whales can make sounds as loud as a roaring airplane engine!

We are baleen whales. This means we have comb like plates instead of teeth. These plates help to keep small fish in our mouth and let the sea water out!

We are one of the smallest of the baleen whales (The Blue Whale is the largest). We can still grow to the size of a school bus. Females may grow a little larger than males!

Minke Whales are very curious. Because of this, we may swim too close to boats which can be dangerous for us! Boaters need to slow down and be on the lookout for us and other marine animals!

Check out the Free for Kids page to print out coloring and activity pages and learn more about cool sea animals like Minke Whales- and don't forget to visit me next month when I tell you about the Coolest Animals ever.... Leopard Sharks!

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