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Twisted Orca brings the Magic of the Sea to Children!

To carry in your store, email us for wholesale and nonprofit pricing (10 book minimum).

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The Magic of the Sea

Sailor-Lyn doesn’t see anything but water when she looks out at the ocean. This is until a special narwhal takes her on a magical adventure to meet creatures she never knew existed! A great book to introduce children to the magic of the ocean!

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I am 99

Sailor-Lyn wants to learn all she can about the Southern Resident orcas she sees in Friday Harbor. When she finds out there are only 72 orcas left, she makes a promise to help save them from extinction. Will there be 99 whales again... or will something even better happen? Includes the 99 Pledge to save the Southern Residents and Hero Certificate


Meggy-Moo Manatee on the Mend

Sweet Meggy-Moo and her manatee friends are always on the mend after being bumped into!  A great book to teach children about manatees and respecting animal’s habitats.

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Sammy The Shark and The Many, Many Loose Teeth

Sammy the Shark sure is keeping the Tooth Mermaid busy! Young children will laugh as they follow the Tooth Mermaid’s many visits to Sammy. How many teeth can a shark loose?

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What's For Supper?

Bubbles is having a hard time finding the salmon she needs to eat for supper. Her friends must come together to help her protect her food source! A great book to introduce children to endangered southern resident orcas and marine conservation.

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Just Chill... A Global Warming Story

Coming soon

Coming Soon

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Inspiring Children Around the World to Protect Our Oceans!

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