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Jr. Marine Naturalist of New England Course

Give kids a sense of pride in New England Marine Life and Waters!


Our Whales of New England Jr. Marine Naturalist Course, available for instant download, features a Jr. Marine Naturalist Certificate of Completion and over 35 lesson pages covering topics such as:


* Whales found in New England and around the World

* Seals and other Marine Life found in New England

* Endangered Whales such as North Atlantic Right Whales

* What to do if a Marine Animal Strands

* Marine Animal Protection Laws

* Responsible Whale Watching

* Ocean Conservation

*Ocean Related Jobs

* Independent Learning Suggestions


This guide is geared to students in Grades 4-8. Download today for one or make copies for your class! We would love to feature Jr. Marine Naturalists on our website and classrooms that are making a difference in ocean conservation!

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