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Twisted Orca’s mission is to foster a love of marine life and inspire future generations of marine conservationists. We do this by promoting responsible whale watching, posting conservation career and volunteer opportunities, publishing a series of marine conservation books and classroom activities for children, and partnering with local artists who promote sea life.


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Free Virtual Whale Events in June!

June 1, 2021


Conservation depends on our future naturalists! Loveable characters, fun books and educational classroom kits help promote a love of sea life at a young age! Collect the whole series!


Businesses should take steps to make the world a healthier place! Be part of an organization that supports the environment!


Our Causes

Members of J- and L-Pods from the Southe
Image by Todd Cravens
Image by Robin M.

Southern Resident Orcas are in danger of extinction. With a population only the seventies, we need to act now! Click to read more that can be done!

Noise, pollution and boat traffic all have a negative effect on marine life. We support Whale Watching companies who put the health and safety of whales first.

Twisted Orca seeks to support artists and photographers who create works inspired by the wonders of the sea. We also support creators that utilize environmentally friendly practices. Contact us to display your work.