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I Decided to Leave My Corporate Job…. For????

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

A Redirection into what Matters.....

For the most part, I’ve been fortunate enough to have held jobs that have allowed me to provide comfortably for my family. There was a short time, however, when I was a single mom in between jobs. I remember how stressful it was wondering how I would make my next mortgage payment. It was even harder on me when the kids asked to stop for ice cream. I knew I had to say no because money was that tight. I vowed to never be in that situation again.

Yet today I decided to give my notice and leave behind the security and benefits of a good paying corporate job with no safety net to fall back onto. I don’t have another job lined up. I didn’t win the lottery.

I know my dad will be asking how I will survive without a full-time paycheck. My accountant will be stressing the horrors of digging into my 401K. Still, I have granted myself the permission to do what people rarely do…. to take a year off to focus on what is important to me.

During the next year, I will be actively searching for full-time jobs in conservation, while working on my website, volunteering with conservation organizations and completing freelance writing projects.

For now, I invite you to check out the new Twisted Orca site and follow on Social Media. (My children’s book series on marine animals is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and local book stores).

I am excited to discover where this new journey will take me, and can’t wait to see where I will be in July 2022. I encourage everyone to stop occasionally, reevaluate their passions, and have the courage to follow what they love. Now to get started!

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