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Get Your Kids Excited About Southern Resident Orcas

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Southern Resident Orca

Southern Resident Orcas are a unique group of Killer Whales in the Pacific Northwest. There are only 73 Southern Residents Orcas alive today. Unlike other orcas that eat a variety of species, Southern Resident Orcas survive primarily on Chinook salmon. Underwater noise from ships and a lack of salmon to eat are bringing the whales to the brink of extinction.

While organizations work feverishly on ways to increase salmon and decrease underwater noise, it is important to realize that we can all lend a hand to help these beautiful orcas survive!

One of the best ways to continue conservation efforts for generations is to give kids the power to help endangered animals today! Our children will take over as the new leaders and pioneers of the world. When they grow up caring about endangered animals, they will act in ways to conserve them!

Read to your Children About Marine Life!

I am 99… A Southern Resident Orca Story, the latest book in the Twisted Orca series, brings kids from all over the world to Friday Harbor, as they join a little girl’s mission to save the endangered orcas. Will there ever be 99 Southern Resident Orcas again? Will something better happen? Each book includes information on how kids can make a difference and even a Southern Resident Orca Hero Certificate to sign.

Show Kids Pictures of Southern Resident Orcas in the Wild!

Members of the Center of Whale Research can download a guide that identifies the Southern Residents by name. Have your kids choose a favorite orca and follow them through website and email updates as a family!

Have Your Children and Students Draw Pictures of How They Can Help Whales!

Share the pictures with the class. Free Southern Resident Orca coloring and activity pages are available for teachers and parents to print at

Volunteer as a Family!

Even young children can participate in beach cleanups! Saturday, October 15th is Orca Recovery Day. Look into Orca Conservation events happening in your area!

What will you do to inspire your children and students? Everyone can make a difference right now!

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