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Bringing Toa Home: A Limited Edition Art Print to Support the Rescue of the Lost Baby Orca

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

People around the world are watching as rescuers are working around the clock to save the life of a baby killer whale named Toa. Toa, who is only 4-6 months old, was found stranded on July 11th near rocks in New Zealand. Volunteers guided by renowned orca expert Dr. Ingrid Visser have been surrounding baby Toa, providing food and comforting him from his separation anxiety. Time is running out, as teams desperately try to locate Toa's family and reunite the infant orca with his mom and family.

For a limited time, Twisted Orca is offering Bringing Toa Home. Profits from the sales of this piece will be donated to the Orca Research Trust and Whale Rescue who are working tirelessly to save baby Toa.

Toa Killer Whale

We are rooting for you Toa, and hope to be able to follow your full life with your family as you grow and has babies of your own. Please be a part if this mission.

See little Toa in his pool

Follow Whale Rescue for the most up to date information on reuniting baby Toa. A fundraiser has also been set up by The Orca Research trust.

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