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Get Involved

Image by amanda panda
Image by YUCAR FotoGrafik

One of the ways you can take part in protecting marine wildlife is by volunteering and working towards a better world! Check out our Volunteer &  Job Board for current opportunities to make an impact!


Reduce Plastic

Organize a beach cleanup to keep trash from entering the sea. You can also help reduce plastic that ends up in the ocean by reducing what you use at home and by using reusable bottles. Try to buy from companies that utilize environmentally sustainable practices.


Make a Donation

Making a donation or planning a fundraiser is a great way to connect with your local community and spread the importance of conservation. Find an organization and cause that personally inspires you!

Giving a Speech

Become a Voice for the Sea

Every individual has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By organizing an event, contacting officials, or educating the public you become a crucial voice with far-reaching, lasting impact.

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