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An endangered Southern Resident Killer W

Take the 99 Pledge!

Save the Southern Resident Orcas

The Southern Resident Orcas will go extinct without our help. You can make a difference by taking the 99 Pledge.

I will be heard! I will talk to people about helping the whales get the Salmon they need to eat.

I will help keep the ocean clean.

I will pick up litter, recycle and reuse all that I can.  

I will care enough to share the story of the Southern Resident Orcas with others.

I will make a difference so that one day there will be 99 (and more) Southern Resident Orcas.

I will be a Whale Hero!

I am 99... A Southern Resident Orca Story

10% Proceeds from this book are donated to Southern Resident Orca Conservation

Sailor-Lyn wants to learn all she can about the Southern Resident Orcas she sees at Lime Kiln Point. When she finds out there are only 72 whales left, she makes a promise to help save them from extinction. Will there be 99 whales again... or will something even better happen?  Each book comes with the 99 Pledge to Save the Southern Residents and a Whale Hero Certificate!

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