I am 99... A Southern Resident Orca Story of Hope just Released!

Updated: Sep 20

Loveable Baby Whale "99" Appeals Straight to the Hearts of Children

"I am 99” - the latest in a series of books designed to encourage a love of marine conservation in children, was just released. “I am 99” brings children from all over the world to Friday Harbor, WA as they join Sailor-Lyn’s mission to save the endangered orcas she loves so much. Will there be 99 Southern Residents again? Will something better happen?

Southern Resident Orcas have gained national media attention in the last few years.

  • The Seattle Times recently announced a new baby born to the struggling orca families.

  • USA Today and The New York Times chronicled the plight of Tahlequah, the killer whale that carried her baby for 17 days in September 2020.

  • People Magazine ran a feature on the Southern Resident Population dropping to 73 in August 2019.

Twisted Orca’s goal is to make whale conservation mainstream. By providing children with positive messages and loveable characters, we strive to encourage a love of marine life at a young age and create nostalgia to inspire future generations to come.

Wholesale copies for resale are available through Stillwater Books

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