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Coming Fall 2023
Visits from Minke!

Interactive Whales of New England Presentations featuring a life-size inflatable Minke Whale replica!

This beautiful Minke Whale was modeled after a curious juvenile Minke Whale seen off the coast of Maine in August of 2022 that captured out hearts.

Kids will have fun learning about Minke Whales, North Atlantic Right Whales, Humpbacks, and other whales that visit New England. They will also learn age appropriate lessons about:

  • Other Marine Animals that live in New England

  • Ocean Conservation

  • Our Blue Economy

Presentations include replica whale baleen and teeth for children to touch, interactive activities and downloadable curriculums for teachers to follow up with.

Whales of New England Presentations are perfect for classrooms, home school groups and events! They will be available to book in Fall 2023 in Rhode Island and parts of Connecticut and Massachusetts!


Birthday Parties also available.

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