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Twisted Orca is a family friendly marine life conservation site.  Our mission is to  inspire people of all ages to be marine conservationists. We do this by promoting a love of whales and ocean life, publishing marine conservation books and classroom activities for children, and partnering with local artists for exclusive sea themed art and gifts for the whole family.


Conservation Vlog Series

Donna Sandstrom, Founder of the Whale Trail

In this fascinating and inspiring interview, Donna Sandstrom talks about how she started the Whale Trail (Over 100 sites for watching whales from land), how she helped in the rescue of a baby orca named Springer, and her new book about Springer available for pre-order now!


We have a passion for sharing Marine Life art, books & gifts that inspire and educate others. All art prints are commissioned by artists exclusively for Twisted Orca. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


A portion of proceeds are always donated


Conservation depends on our future naturalists! Loveable characters, fun books and educational classroom kits help promote a love of sea life at a young age! Collect the whole series!


Businesses should take steps to make the world a healthier place! Be part of an organization that supports the environment!


Our Causes

Members of J- and L-Pods from the Southe
Image by Todd Cravens

Southern Resident Orcas are in danger of extinction. With a population only the seventies, we need to act now! Click to read more that can be done!

Noise, pollution and boat traffic all have a negative effect on marine life. We support Whale Watching companies who put the health and safety of whales first.


Whale Spotlight

A North Atlantic right whale with five dolphins around the head in Stellwagen Bank Nationa

North Atlantic Right Whales

North Atlantic Right whales are some of one of the most endangered whales in the world. These slow swimming baleen whales (clearly spotted by the white bumps on their heads) almost went extinct in the 1750’s when whalers targeting them for their oil. Now, two of the biggest threats are entanglement in fishing gear and boat strikes (They are also being threatened by seismic blasts from air guns used in oil and gas exploration, which can cause hearing loss and other major disturbances in whale behavior).  With only 356 estimated to be alive today, scientists believe North Atlantic Right Whales may be extinct within the next 20 years!  Dozens have been killed in the last few years in boat and entanglement accidents alone that could have been avoided. We cannot afford to lose more.

NOAA Fisheries now requires all vessels to stay 500 yards away from Right Whales (roughly the length of five football fields).  The Center of Coastal Studies in Provincetown, Massachusetts, provides arial surveys of the ocean to warn boaters when Right Whales are in the area. They also provide whale watching tours from land, where the public can view these beautiful animals without disturbing their habitat.

If you see any vessel approaching a Right Whale, please call the NOAA Fisheries Enforcement Hotline at (800) 853-1964. You can also visit the Center for Coastal Studies for more information on their Right Whale Emergency Initiative.


10% of proceeds from this print are donated to North Atlantic Right Whale Conservation efforts

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