Pod of Whales

June 1, 2021


June Virtual Whale Events 

June 1, 2021

Learn about whales no matter where in the world you live! These virtual events are open to the public free of charge (some events request an optional donation). Click on the links for registration information!

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Tuesday June 1: 10am-11am EDT

How Sri Lanka’s Blue Whales Spurred A New Marine Conservation Model

Join this New England Aquarium Lecture Series event featuring internationally acclaimed Sri Lankan marine biologist Dr. Asha de Vos, who aims to change how we think about and carry out marine conservation. Fresh out of the University of St. Andrews, and while working on a whale research vessel as a deckhand, she discovered a unique population of blue whales that inhabit the waters around Sri Lanka year round.  The Aquarium Lecture Series is presented free to the public through the generosity of the Lowell Institute.

Hosted by Boston Globe Events and The Boston Globe

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Thursday June 3: 7pm EDT

Inside the Mind of a Whale

Whales rank among the most intelligent species on the planet.  Marvel at the depth and complexity that sets whale behavior apart from other species, including sophisticated memory skills, advanced societal structures, and unique dialects. Find out what researchers have uncovered about whales’ thinking and their amazing behaviors in the wild 

Hosted by The Whaling Museum & Education Center of Cold Spring Harbor


Monday June 7-June 8:  11:59pm EDT

Free screening: Secrets of the Whales

Free online screening of Episode 1 of Secrets of the Whales. Screening followed by an exclusive conversation with National Geographic explorer & photographer/producer Brian Skerry and composer Raphaelle Thibaut. RSVP required. Reserve your spot by 11am ET on 6/7

Hosted by  DOC NYC

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Tuesday June 8: 4pm EDT

How to Help Whales - World Ocean Day Watch Party

Join Ocean Today live on World Ocean Day for an incredible journey into the ocean, up in the air, and on the shore! Host Symone Barkley, NOAA Fisheries biologist Allison Henry, and Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Outreach Coordinator Shauna Bingham will share how you can track whales using the Whale Alert and Ocean Alert apps, which help ships steer clear of migrating whales and provide a way to report entanglements.

Hosted by NOAA Ocean Today

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Wednesday June 9: 10am EDT

ORCA: Looking out for Whales and Dolphins

Anna from ORCA will introduce you to the fascinating array of whales, dolphins and porpoises seen around the British coastline. Learn how you can take on an active role in their conservation.

Hosted by FSC Biodiversity


Tuesday June 15: 9pm-10pm EDT

Catching Up with Conservation Canines

WDC checks in with the Southern Resident orca scat detection team during Orca Month! Tune in to hear updates on their research, plans for the 2021 season, and stories from Giles and Eba!

Orca (Action) Month brings researchers, advocates, and orca lovers together in June to learn, celebrate and raise awareness of the endangered Southern Resident Orcas. 

Hosted by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Orca Month


Thursday June24:  6pm PST

Finding Hope For Endangered Killer Whales  

Join Lynda V. Mapes, Seattle Times journalist and author of “Orca: Shared Waters, Shared Home” along with Wild Orca Science and Research Director, Dr. Deborah Giles, as they discuss endangered Southern Resident killer whales, why we should have hope for their recovery, and the important ways individuals can make a difference by using their voice as engaged citizens.

Hosted by  Wild Orca and Orca Month


Sunday June 27: 7-8pm EDT

Drawing Whales

Requirements: Mechanical Pencil, Eraser, Paper
Hosted by Artist Shae Ayris