Guidelines For Art Submissions

Twisted Orca occasionally commissions art prints. Art prints are paid a onetime flat rate between $100-$500.

To submit a piece for consideration, please read the guidelines below. Please note: submitting a piece of artwork for consideration does not constitute an agreement.  If Twisted Orca is interested in purchasing a piece of art, we will contact you with an offer and contract. Twisted Orca will retain full rights to any prints purchased, with artists receiving name recognition. Twisted Orca will not use any artwork submitted that is not officially contracted for.

* Please submit original, unpublished art in body of an email to  (We do not open unsolicited attachments)

* Images should depict Sea Life and be appropriate for all audiences. No depictions of violence or nudity will be accepted.

* Images should be high resolution (Minimum 300dpi) in .jpg, .gif, or .png format.